The Truth Behind SafeAire’s Effectiveness

SafeAire is an eco-friendly disinfectant spray that is comprised of an intricate mix of refined pine oil extract, Lipase enzyme and lavender aromatics. This unique mix is what gives SafeAire its lethal efficiency in killing off bacteria, fungus and viruses while misting the place with a pleasant smell of lavender. (Who says disinfectants have to smell like bleach chemicals)

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Pine Oil

Key ingredient

Pine oil is an essential oil that is proven to have many protective properties. Its effectiveness in killing bacteria and preventing fungal infections is undisputed. There have been studies which show that pine oil is effective in killing viruses and bacteria such as E-Coli, Salmonella and even H1N1.

Key ingredient

Lipase enzyme is a water-based enzyme that acts as a catalyst that breaks down the protein structure of bacteria, fungal and virulent pathogens. The is especially important as the protein structure acts as a wall of defence,a defence which must be broken down in order to eliminate the core of bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Lipase Enzyme

Lavender Aromatics

Key ingredient

One of the key complaints of chemical disinfectants is its stinging chemical odour that is prickly to the nose and unhealthy to the lungs. With SafeAire, we naturally mix lavender aromatics to ensure a pleasant smelling scent lingers when you use it.

SafeAire Is One Of The Best Disinfectants

Here’s a breakdown of why SafeAire is one of the best disinfectants available:


We do not use dangerous chemical products in our spray


SafeAire does not damage your furniture, car interior, leather, due to the use of natural ingredients

Eco-Friendly Spray

Our spray is made from a mix of natural ingredients that have no adverse side effects

Kills Quickly

SafeAire is proven to eliminate bacteria, fungus and viruses in minutes

Highly Efficient

Surfaces and premises that have been disinfected with SafeAire stay disinfected


SafeAire has been proven to retain its anti-bacterial, fungal and virus properties for up to 30 days on most surfaces

Safe For Kids

Like most eco-friendly products, we are entirely safe for your kids and animals too!

Irritant Free

SafeAire is free of irritants that may otherwise trigger any allergies

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