SafeAire: The Preventive Shield

SafeAire is an eco-friendly lab-tested disinfectant spray that has been proven to eliminate most bacteria, fungus and viruses. By using SafeAire, you are able to keep your family safe from the dangers of bacteria, fungal and viral exposure that can be found on various exposed surfaces and polluted environments.

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The SafeAire Protection

SafeAire has the ability to clear the air and surfaces of reactive contaminants that can trigger asthma, eczema and other forms of contact and respiratory allergies.

Killing Bacteria

Eliminates bacteria with a 99.999% efficiency

Destroying Viruses

Dissolves most known virus proteins to eliminate them effectively


Kills nasty funguses and stops them from spreading and growing

Effective Disinfectant

Secure a healthy and safe environment with SafeAire

No Funky Smells

Natural deodoriser that eliminates nasty odours

Self Sterilizing

Surfaces coated with SafeAire remain self-sterilizing for up to 30 days


Aside from being clinically tested, SafeAire is also infused with high quality refined Pine Oil. Pine Oil is a naturally found disinfectant with antiseptic qualities that have been proven to be effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses. This key ingredient once refined, is one of the reasons why SafeAire can protect your family.

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SafeAire Professional Services

SafeAire also provides commercial sanitization & disinfection services for any business in Malaysia.

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